Audio-Psycho-Phonology is a discipline founded by Dr. Alfred Tomatis. It concerns the interaction between audition, psychology and the voice. It explains why and how the way we listen affects our whole being.

Sound Stimulation (Tomatis Method) trains the muscles of the ear to achieve a better listening response. It can be seen as an educational approach or as a sonic cure. It examines our receptive listening, outward-directed listening, as well as our qualities of expressive listening, inward-directed listening. This type of listening we need for auto-correction and to control our voice when we speak or sing.

The goal of Sound Stimulation is to : 

  • organize (the listening posture)
  • balance and harmonize (right / left cerebral hemispheres)
  • boost communication    

The ear as a high frquency sensor, a receiving antenna, allowing us to progress to finer listening. Indeed, high frequency sounds are of vital importance as they stimulate the neural network and regulate the energy influx to the brain.

Sound Stimulation increases Vagal tone, the 10th cranial nerve (both sensory, motor and neurovegetative) and allows a permanent exchange between the outer and inner worlds. 
Firstly, it influences the sensitivity of the middle ear, then the larynx and the pharynx. It then innervates or stimulates all the organs with nerve impulses. Thus listening training enriches the voice, establishes mental and physical balance and harmonizes mood and energy levels.

Finely-tuned listening assures a hightened Vagal Tone. (Low Vagal Tone has been linked to high Inflammation and depression – Thyer & Steinberg ; 2006)

Edgar Cayce

Listening Training is part of sound-based therapies using the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as a sound medium, naturally rich in high frequencies. Mozart sounds provide the cortical stimulation necessary for its vigilance.

SLTec.Int. Franz Müller


This is an effective gymnastic exercise for the middle ear obtained by the alternating  amplification of volume and timbre on the high frequencies (tension) and on the low frequencies (relaxation). You are invited to relax during listening sessions or if you wish, to reveal your creativity, draw, meditate or sleep (the ears continue to work during sleep).

The training program is determined by the person's listening test results. Each person will then be able to see the evolution of their individual listening profile from the beginning to the end of the program.

This technique, created and developped by Dr. Alfred A.Tomatis (ENT) in the 1940s, helped thousands of children and adults to develop good listening skills, better communication and to improve both creativity and performance.

Many musicians, singers and actors (Maria Callas, Gerard Depardieu, Beniamino Gigli, Juliette Binoche and Romy Schneider) benefited from “fine tuning” their ears and literally “regained missing notes”.

« The sounds we emit are under the control of the ear.
The voice only contains what the ear can hear » Dr.A.Tomatis

Length of cours – generally 30 hours / 15 sessions of 2 hours
Enrolment and Individual listening profile
 (1h30) - 80 €, first listening session offered.
Price of sessions
to be determined by choice of subject : Sound Stimulation or Language Learning.   
More classic one-off courses for English / German are also available.



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